Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine

After months of record breaking snow storms, I was beginning to think I lived in the Artic. Snow is fun during Christmas season, but during the rest of winter, I'd like to hibernate. Something about cold, gloomy days makes me want to snuggle under blankets and stay there until spring.

To be annoying, I enjoy waking up my boyfriend in the morning by shrieking "Good Morning Sunshine!!" Ironically, neither one of us are morning people. Most days, I perfer the day to start after 10 am, but today, the sun was shining through my curtains and I could hear birds chirping. "Wow, birds still exist," I woke up thinking. At first I tried to pull the covers back over my head, but the pleasant weather was drawing me in like a a shopolohic at a shoe sale.

With two hours before class started, I tried to decide how I wanted to spend my morning. I could lounge in bed and waste the day away, I could wake up and do chores around the house, or I could get out of bed, dust of my sneakers, and go for a walk.

Thanks to an office job and a full time college schedule, I spend most of my time indoors with artificial lighting and limited windows. By the end of the day, I typically feel lazy and ghostly. Nice weather inspires me; I can spend all day just sitting outside, soaking up the sun, and watching the world around me. After a little debating, I decided that the housework could wait, and I headed outdoors.

Today, my "me time" included sunshine, exercise, and a great playlist on my ipod. After just 30 minutes, I was rejuvenated, motivated, and relaxed. As a sat in class for the next eight hours, instead of longing to be outdoors, I remembered the beautiful morning that I had outside. Crossing my fingers for beautiful weather all week.

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