Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lattes, Books, and Gelatis

Recently, I had an epiphany. I realized that I spend all my time working my little tush off to please all the people around me, but I rarely make time for myself. The little bit of free time I have is usually spent on cleaning or homework. Rarely do I take five minutes to truly relax and do something that I enjoy. From now, I am spending at least five minutes everyday doing something just for me, and I am going to spend more time appreciating the little moments in life instead of stressing about the bigger issues that I can not control.

In light of my new mission, I spent the entire morning by myself and allowed myself to do anything I wanted. Surprisingly, I woke up at 7 am. On work days, I dread getting out of bed, but today, I woke up energized and refreshed.

My first stop was my favorite coffee shop. It was amazing to just sit and enjoy a latte without having to rush off to work or school. For over an hour, I sipped my delicious drink, flipped through newspapers, and watched the other customers.

After savoring my mocha latte, I wandered around a bookstore and a thrift store. I could spend hours admiring all the books at Barnes and Nobles. All the different ideas and cover art are fascinating; it is like being transported to a different land or time period. Books are so powerful because they allow you to escape reality for a brief moment and to see the world through someone else's eyes.

On my way home, I stopped and enjoyed my first gelati of the season!! Tasting the sweet treat conjures up images of flip-flops and tan lines. There may be two more weeks of winter, but in my mind, it's spring.

At first, I was a little spectacle of spending too much time just focusing on myself. My to-do list is so overwhelming most days that I feel like I have no time to waste on people watching or window shopping, but today, I proved myself wrong. When I finally returned home, I felt rejuvenated. Instead of being irritated by the dishes in the sink, I washed them with a smile on my face (true fact.... no exaggeration). A few hours to myself made me more productive. Instead of spending three hours doing book keeping work, I finished in 45 minutes.

It is easier to find time for myself when I don't have to go to work or to school, but I am challenging myself to make at least five minutes of me time everyday no matter how busy I am; I challenge you to join me.

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