Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Green Easter

Many of us practice good habits such as healthy eating, exercising, and recycling on normal days but allow ourselves to slip on special occasions. I, however, believe that special occasions give us an opportunity to share our good habits with our family and friends. Instead of pigging out and sitting on the couch, we can bring healhty dishes to holiday dinners and take a walk with our family after eating. Healthy living isn't just about taking care of ourselves; it is about taking our of our loved ones, and the best way to teach our loved ones healthy habits is to lead by example. This goes for all of our lifestyle choices including being eco-conscious. Instead of giving gifts that jeopardize our family's health and our planet's cleanliness, give a gift that will last a lifetime; teach your children, your spouse, even your friends healthy living habits. For some great "green" Easter gift ideas, check out my article on building a "green" Easter basket. http://www.greendivamom.com/2010/03/22/green-easter-gifts-college-students/#more-4628

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